Watch videos from Youtube and:

- Earn while watching

- Earn as video owner

Stage 1: Pre-ICO ends in

What is

cplay is a place where youtube users and content makers earn toghether. Users earn CPL when watching videos, while video owners earn from every view of their videos.

Watch youtube content through our website using the same functionality, subscribtion feed, playlists, search by key words or search by video ID.

Youtube content

Use youtube through our site, find videos by key words or by their ID, load your subscribtion feed etc. Also some additional functionality like favorite channels. More details soon.

Watch and Earn

Earn cryptocurrency while watching your favorite videos from youtube.

Passive income

If your videos was watched on our website, you will earn CPL as video owner.


For 3000 CPL you can run a masternode and start earn passive income.
Also you can buy MASTERNODE KIT from us, it is ready to run masternode on our server, you just pay and run it from your profile dashboard.


CPL is a Proof-of-Stake coin witch mean that you can just hold your coins in wallet and start earn passive income.


2 types of ads, PRE-ROLL & BANNERS. You can buy ads from site for fixed price, your short video ads or banners will be shown on all videos or you can buy ads from specific channel for price that you agree with channel owner.




Stage 0: Build and Test basic functionality

Site basic functionality developing and testing.


Stage 1: Pre-ICO

Special price for first investors, limited offer for 2 weeks.
1000000 CPL for sale.
Price:0.05$ for 1 CPL + 50% BONUS!


Stage 2: Coins distribution and beta launch

Coins distribution to buyers and first launch in beta mode
Site functionality:

  • Search and watch videos by their ID or by key words
  • Users earn AP (Activity Points) while watch videos
  • Channels owners earn CP (Content Points) when users watch their videos
  • Run masternodes

AP and CP are converted to CPL automatically. More details will be soon.


Stage 3: ICO

1000000 coins for sale.
Price:0.1$ for 1 CPL + 25% BONUS!

September 2018


Add CPL to exchanges.

Octomber 2018

Stage 5: Advertise

Buy pre-roll and banner ads for CPL.

Future plans

Developing additional features:

  1. Subscription feed - the same as you seen in the demo
  2. Favorite channels - show only videos from your favorite channels
  3. Download button - you can download any video
  4. Video Convert Page - convert any video from youtube to mp3, m4a, flac etc.
  5. Mobile App - cplay app for iOS, Android. Watch videos on mobile and earn CPL.
  6. Browser extension for YouTube - earn directly from youtube using our extension. Will be displayed a small banner ad under the video. You can buy ads in that banner.
  7. Earn from other video websites- earn CPL from other sites like twitch,vimeo etc.
  8. Movies!- More details will be soon ;)

More details will be written as soon as we will be ready.

Stage 1: Pre-ICO
Price: 0.05$ for 1 CPL + 50% BONUS

Coins for sale


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